Award Recipients


Dr. Marty K. Casey performance artist and activist has procreated and given meaning to a new word “Actrivist!” Leveraging the ARTS for HEALING, Dr. Casey, founded UnGUN Institute, focused on healing trauma through applied arts. Dr. Casey has found a way to connect and communicate through the Arts; in 2020 she performed on stage in the Big Apple for the AARP association, to a sold-out crowd, just days before the global pandemic forced a lock down. While the pandemic slowed us all down, Dr. Casey, still found ways to push her agenda for activism and community healing and as such her efforts gained recognition, by the St. Louis Business Journal, featuring her on the cover as one of the Top 25 Most Influential Businesswomen in St. Louis.


Alton Wells honorably retired from Southlake DPS after 24 years of service. While  working as a Police Officer, he was assigned to the Traffic Division and was the recipient of numerous Police and Civic awards. 

In October of 2006, a fellow Police Officer that Alton worked closely with, was  diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. During this difficult time, Alton worked alongside the community to coordinate several charity events to help his fellow officer’s family in the difficult times they were enduring. Sadly, his fellow officer passed away in August of 2007. However, through this travesty, Spokes 4 Hope was born.  


Dr. Leicha Shaver is Chief Executive Officer and founder of  Advanced Preparatory International (API) in Dallas, Texas. She has been an  administrator in public education for twenty-five years. She began her  career in Tulsa, Oklahoma as an elementary principal. She served in Tulsa  until 2002 when she was recruited to Dallas and acquired leadership  positions at John W. Carpenter Elementary School, Middle College High  School, and Roosevelt High School, respectively. It was during her tenure at  Middle College High School that Dr. Shaver gained experience working  with dual-credit programs.  


She is the originator of the “I Am Her” Womens Conference, and she operates in all gifts of the spirit and the fivefold ministry. Her teachings and prophetic gifts cause the captives to be liberated.

​Her education comes by way of Life Christian University, Jacksonville, Florida, and Metropolitan Christian University, Louisville, Kentucky.

​Dr. Cunningham is an entrepreneur, an author, and a recording artist.”


She is the mother of three beautiful children, a wife of one, a businesswoman, and an author.  She travels the globe and has taken social media by storm as she helps the people of God become mentally, spiritually, financially, and emotionally free.

A diplomate of the American Board of Surgery, Dr. Matthews earned certification in general surgery and surgical critical care. Focusing his career on the study of vitamin D deficiency in surgical intensive care patients, where he has been investigating the positive effect of vitamin D therapy on critically ill patients, Dr. Matthews has researched and published many vitamin D deficiency manuscripts, developed a protocol for the use of vitamin D and other nutrients for the sickest patients in the surgical intensive care unit at his hospital, and continues to investigate the treatment of concussions, traumatic brain injuries, chronic inflammation, chronic pain, joint pain, strokes, myocardial infarctions, congestive heart failure, cancer, sepsis, surgical infections and rapid wound healing in trauma patients with vitamin D3. 


Jeremy Davis is a Waco native and Midway graduate who can be described as someone who is determined, passionate, generous, and an innovative leader. Born in Waco, Jeremy is no stranger to the wants and needs of the community at large. He grew up with positive influences in his life who each played their part in helping shape him into the man he his today. 


During college, after reviewing academic reports from adolescent and teenage boys, he learned that they were performing well below standards compared to their peers; the dropout rate was more than triple the national average. Systemic poverty, crime, fatherlessness, and a lack of hope were obstacles that many young lives could not overcome on their own

is a Grammy-nominated hip hop entertainer, actress, educator, and  philanthropist. The cast member of VH1’s popular “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” series is affectionately  known as Auntie Yo-Yo. Raised in the South Central district of Los Angeles, her big break came when  

she appeared on Ice Cube's 1990 debut, "It's A Man's World," representing her gender in admirable style. Her own debut “Make Way for the Motherload” introduced her confident attitude along with the formation of the Intelligent Black Women’s Coalition organization; which is now expanding into the virtual space to continue its work helping young girls learn to love themselves.


Margaret James, founder of The Metropolitan Dream Center, Inc.,  has been helping homeless and disadvantaged people for over forty years. As a young woman, and being influenced by her mother, she noticed that no one in her neighborhood had very much: little food,  worn clothing, and few possessions. Not realizing that she was in  

the same state as others, she started sharing with others what she  did have from the trunk of her car. Loading food and clothing in her car trunk, she would go and find someone else to share with. She has been going in that direction ever since.

Esmeralda comes from a family that were migrant workers and traveled to do work in the fields in Ohio, Michigan, Colorado, and Nebraska. She graduated from San Benito High School in 1981. She attended Texas Southwest College and received her Associates Degree. She attended Pan American University and received a Bachelors in Social Work. She attended UT Arlington and obtained a Masters in Social Work Degree. During her college years she volunteered serving meals to persons in need and volunteered in a suicide and crisis hotline. She has enjoyed volunteering with St. Michael's Cub Scouts Pack #388 and Boy Scout Troop #388 in Grand Prairie where her son earned his Eagle.